Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ABC Program “The Swingers” Features Kokolopori

ABC News Reporter Eric Campbell ventures to the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve to visit the bonobos and local community. Campbell conducts exclusive interviews with Sally Coxe, BCI President, and Albert Lokasola, President of BCI's local partner NGO Vie Sauvage, at the field site.

Kokolopori is one of the few sites where wild bonobos are habituated to human presence and can be viewed on a daily basis. Home to more than 1,000 bonobos, it is the anchor site for BCI's Bonobo Peace Forest, a proposed constellation of locally managed nature reserves supported by sustainable community development.

Watch "The Swingers" now!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paint for Bonobos!

Paint Your Own Pottery For Bonobos!  Friday, August 6, 2010 from 6pm to 10pm 

Let’s fire up the fun!  Here’s how it works: Color Me Mine is a paint-your-own pottery studio where you choose an unfinished piece of pottery, paint it, leave it for firing and glazing, and return a week later to pick it up. Other event highlights: raffle, video presentation on apes painting, special appearance by an ape character, trivia and prizes.

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to support bonobos and make a one-of-a-kind keepsake! Proceeds from the event benefit the Bonobo Conservation Initiative's mission to protect the bonobo, an endangered great ape, and its rainforest habitat in the Congo. To learn more, visit www.bonobo.org

Color Me Mine
2439 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

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Check out our new brochure, filled with information about the Bonobo Conservation Initiative's work in cooperative conservation and community development in the Congo!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help Jared Harrison Help Bonobos!

Help Jared Harrison, a 12-year-old from the Cayman Islands, help bonobos! Jared researched bonobos for a school project and now wants to share his new found interest in the species with Cayman Islanders and the world.

“I was touched by how peaceful and kind they are,” he said. “Other primates, including us, have wars, kill each other, and have a hard time sharing. Bonobos are so different. When they get upset about something, they just hug it out. We can actually learn from them. They cooperate and take care of each other so well. They’re extraordinary.”

Jared challenged Cayman Islanders to donate to BCI in an effort to save these rare and peaceful primates. You can help Jared in his efforts! Click here to donate now

If you are interested in forming a kid’s conservation club, please contact Jared at jaredconservation@gmail.com and he will provide more information.

To learn more about Jared, you can read the following online news articles:

Cayman News Service

Cayman Net News

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NPR Show on Bonobos!

Tune into the Diane Rehm Show:“Bonobos on the Brink of Extinction”

Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) president Sally Jewell Coxe joins Vanessa Woods, author of the new book Bonobo Handshake, and Richard Carroll of the World Wildlife Fund for an enlightening discussion about bonobos. The show examines lessons about bonobos and efforts to save them, revealing little known facts and the urgency of protecting these endangered great apes and their habitat in the Congo rainforest.

Listen to the archived recording here!

Special thanks to Diane Rehm and WAMU for raising awareness about bonobos on their Environmental Outlook series.