Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BCI Flag on the North Pole!

Doug Stoup, an explorer who ventures to the remote regions of the globe, recently took our flag (see photo) to the North Pole. Doug is an advocate for mitigating global warming and climate change. He experienced firsthand that global warming has a drastic unsustainable deteriorating effect on the poles and his planting the flag on the North Pole highlights the fact that protecting the Congo rainforest can reduce climate change and save the planet.

Doug began his extreme adventures back in 1999 when he skiied the highest peak in Antarctica. He was mesmerized by his surroundings of blowing snow over an uninhabitable landscape. His first adventure ignited a passion that he has continued to pursue for 10 years.

Doug is doing his part to educate the public though school programs about the effects of global warming and climate change. He encourages improving the health of our world and its diverse ecosystems, from the home of the polar bear in the Arctic to the bonobos’ tropical forest habitat in the Congo, which are connected through their dependence on the natural environment. Beginning at the grassroots level, he encourages individuals to contact their local government representatives and express their concern for global warming. He also encourages cutting down on the use of personal vehicles and to take advantage of public transportation and carpooling. Even little acts such as buying a reusable water bottle could cut down on waste that contributes to the deterioration of our planet’s health.

BCI would like to thank Doug for his involvement with BCI and commitment to making the world a better place.

Crista Johnson
Development Intern