Monday, June 8, 2009

Rescuing Bonobo Orphans & Combating the Bushmeat Trade

BCI and local partners have been the only or the most visible bonobo conservation entities in-situ across a large section of the bonobo habitat. We have therefore been on the front lines of the bushmeat trade, which has led to saving more than a dozen orphaned bonobos—and in the process, educating and forging partnerships with local and regional authorities, who were previously unaware of national and international laws against hunting bonobos.

Our most recent rescue was a bonobo from Monieka (see photo). A poacher caught her and wanted to sell her as a pet. Luckily, our staff on the ground brought her to safety and we sent her to a sanctuary in Kinshasa.

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  1. All bonobos should be kept as pets. Who are you to control others and bonobos. Oh, I forgot you know what's best for them. The are animals, nothing more. There here to be hunted as deer are. As far as being caged, they don't sit there and think oh I don't like this cage. The infants are too young to retain memory of being pulled off their dead mother. Do you remember being a few months old, no!